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Say goodbye to mundane tasks like
RFIs, Submittals and PCO

With Swift PM, you can focus on the things that really matter on your job site and let us handle the rest.

Submittal Log Generator
Automated Sub/Architect Notification Service
Potential Change Order Generator
Automated Contingency Tracking
Daily Report Generator
Project Statistics, Tracking and Reporting


Submittal Tracking Simplified with BUCKETS

Swift PM has created a new way to keep track of submittals on your project. We call it BUCKETS and its as easy as it sounds.

After uploading your submittal log, select the submittals you are ready to send and click the "Move to Next" button to automatically email the assigned sub their outstanding submittals you have selected! Continue down the line and let our automated system send the emails to the correct parties for you depending on their status and what bucket that are in.

Live PCO Generator

See your PCO as you populate it the exact way your owners rep will recieve it. No more confusing spreedsheets and poorly made PDFS.

Once you have completed your PCO, click "Print to PDF" To save the document the server and print to your local printer. After you have saved it, you can choose which contingency the money is to be deducted from as well!

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RFI Creation and Automation

Let us handle the boring side of things. After RFIs are created, have them automatically sent to the correct parties for review with the click of a button.

Once you have created your RFI, uploaded any attachments and added any additional information needed, simply choose the group you need and hit send. The system will automatically save, number and email out your question with any attachements needed.

Quickly view your projects statistics on one page

Switch seamlessly between projects and check out all of the projects metrics on one easy to use page.

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